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Japanese Tea House in Kuranda
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Japanese Tea House in Kuranda FNQ Australia

The name of “BUSK” comes from “Busking”, meaning to get paid for street art and performances. I have been using this name since I started my music and performance shop. Now I use it to mean that I perform with tea (blending and brewing) to entertain my customers.

Kuranda Original Market Tea House in the world’s oldest rainforest. Owner and tea master Kei offers everyone a carefully crafted tea, one by one. Please stop by for a moment’s rest after a stroll through the market.


Health benefits of Japanese Tea

– Anti carcinogenic effects.

– Disease prevention.

– Prevention of tooth decay and freshens the breath.

– Calming effects.

– Improves memory and concentration.

– Decreases the harmful effects of nicotine.

– Anti aging effects.


Tea House Menu

- Cold Dripped Barley Tea

Barley tea (Mugi-cha) is a tea made from roasted barley. The tea is characterised by the savoury aroma of barley and is often used as a hot summer beverage when it is cooled, and sometimes drunk hot, for example, in winter. It is enjoyed by both children and adults. Pregnant women can also drink it.
$ 5.00-

- Roasted Green Tea with Mango

This tea is blended with Houjicha, which out of Japanese tea is fairly low on caffeine and tannin. This makes it easy for pregnant women to drink. This tea is also blended with dry apple to give the mild and light taste, resulting in a sweet fragrance of mango and refreshing aroma of Houjicha.
$ 5.00-
Hot| Cold

- Green Tea with Dried Ginger & Roasted Rice

Ginger is a herb containing medical properties encourages to perspiration, warming up the body, and relieving shivering. It is recommended to drink when you have cold constitution or ill with a cold. This tea is a superb blend of fragrance from ginger and aromatic flavor of Genmai.
$ 5.00-
Hot| Cold

- Green Tea with Eucalyptus Leaves

Eucalyptus originally came from Australia, and the native aboriginal people used the leaves to cure the wounds. A strong antibacterial ingredient, Eucalyptol, is expected to detox your body. This component is also evaporative, leaving fresh air surrounding. This tea is made to be easy to drink, by blending Fukamushi-Sencha.
$ 5.00-
Hot| Cold



In Japan, tea is more than just a hot drink. It is a very important ritual that has a lot of meaning within the culture. The tea ceremony represents purity, tranquillity, respect and harmony and a lot of preparation goes into this important event.



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